January 26, 2022

3d building lettering

3d letters on your building bring a new level of marketing and brand recognition

3d Cut Lettering Washington D.C.
Lamees Ahmed
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Lamees Ahmed

Building Signage

When it comes to getting your name out there, nothing beats 3' tall letters installed on the top floor of your building for all to see. Timsco was tasked stud mounting custom painted lettering over 40' high to help get some exposure from the newly constructed highway overpass. The precision cut letters were fabricated and painted all in house then installed with a 40' off road scissor lift.  

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There was careful consideration on how the spacing of the letters would fit into the small workable area while still having the largest possible logo. We used our laser measuring equipment to map out the exact dimensions and get the perfect letter height and largest possible Tree logo in the space provided.

This job took a combination of skills, assets, and equipment to accomplish the end result:

  • PMS color matching  
  • laser measurement
  • CNC cut letters
  • 40' scissor lift
  • Expert installation
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3d letters on your building bring a new level of marketing and brand recognition
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